innovative teaching and learning pedagogies


CLT offers unique and intensive professional development opportunities for faculty members to enhance culturally responsive teaching strategies and incorporate intercultural perspectives in curriculum by applying Design thinking strategies. CLT also takes an evidence-based approach in advocating effective learning and teaching practices, curriculum planning, services to support the use of technology in education, and institutional policies and infrastructure to enhance the learning environment.

supporting pm initiatives


Encourage collaboration and goodwill among faculty and staff to foster ongoing contribution to the college community


Provide pedagogical and technical consultancy services to faculty community in support of teaching and learning excellence


Support effective and efficient methods of assessment, aimed at improving the practice of learning in the moment, in a course, in programs, and across the curriculum.


Provide a structured program for one-on-one consultations and clinical training as a way of delivering formative feedback for faculty and providing mentoring relationships with early-career faculty.


Handling the cases in the clinical-based learning and teaching practices and support the scholarship of teaching and learning.

Transform student learning experiences by providing professional development opportunities for faculty and graduate teaching assistants.

faculty development

To strengthen the horizon of teaching learning process by mutual transformation of thoughts, ideas and experiences and to update teachers about the advancements in teaching-learning process including new medical updates about patient handling and investigating instruments and pharmacological therapies. Our Faculty members are continuously encouraged to upgrade their skills by taking up online courses or involving faculty development programmes.

patient centered and EVIDENCE BASED LEARNING


Various number of student development activities are constantly being practiced in each classrooms and clinical trainings, enforced by our Center of Learning and Teaching.

Hospital Based Cases

Students are provided with an hospital connected real cases linked with the concept or subject, where the students got to explore how their learning are applied in the real world situations. 

Demo Models

Different modes of classroom presentation and demonstration are practiced to increase student engagement, and make them to understand the underlying concepts better. Students are continuously encouraged to learn and create demo models on parts of human system, which gives them hands on experience and practical learning.

Clinical training 

Supervised rotatory clinical training will be provided at Hospitals/Clinics/OPD. And the clinical training ensures that students are ready for the challenges of their professional roles, and prepared to offer support and assistance the affected patients. Students will be explained and directed with appropriate procedures for scenarios such as injury or recovery management, from the initial assessment to appropriate nursing procedures.


Best practices

Integration of technology into education has enhanced the teaching/learning process to a higher level. The effective use of treating a patients in the clinicals has helped in grabbing the attention of the student throughout the session. Teaching-learning through various best practices such as Flipped Classroom, Case Study, Group Discussion, Small Group Learning, Problem Based Learning, Clinical Based Learning etc., has elevated the level of it.