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Skill and Career Development at SNS offers insightful Skills Development Programs to groom students to be corporate ready. The department achieves its employability enhancement objectives by conducting Intensive Process Oriented classroom training & by organizing club of Excellence events related to both Soft and Hard Skills. These classes and events are managed by a well-groomed team from Academic world. Students will get an opportunity to attend a wide range of interactive workshops, training sessions etc that help them to recognize, develop and articulate their employability skills for future success.

About the Department

“Don’t be the same, be better!”

We at SNS CT believe these words and to make the words come true, CDP- Career development program in our campus has been initiated to empower the students right from first year. The program has been designed on various domains, which would fetch the students’ employability skills. We have a set of well-equipped training team to train the students on their cognitive abilities, analytical and communication skills. Students are well trained and equipped in these four years of their training to face any kind of global challenges in their career.

Skills Focused


• Problem solving

• Critical thinking

• Cognitive skill

• Data analytical skill


• Domain based Technical Training

• Coding skill

• Computer literacy


• Reporting information

• Speaking effectively

• Providing feedback

• Negotiation

Soft skill

• Team work and leadership skills

• Resume building and interview skills

• Time management and stress management

• Decision making.