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Beyond just delivering the traditional curriculum, we have our own design thinking based curriculum that provides a nurturing education and learning environment, to our young minds.


The Center for Learning and Teaching offers Training and programs to help all faculty members/teachers excel in their teaching. CLT events bring faculty members together to gain insight from colleagues through open discussions of teaching topics. Many of these are faculty-guided conversations; others are structured teaching workshops led by CLT staff. Additionally, CLT members are available to consult individually on teaching problems, strategies, and professional development opportunities. Faculty members at all levels of experience and expertise who face particular challenges can participate in CLT programs.

Training And Guidance

The CLT offers various training and guidance for both SNS Institutions faculty members and graduate students for the following area.

• One to One consultation

• Classroom observation and feedback

• Effective teaching approaches

• Efficient utilization of resources

• Various educational tools and technologies

• Various assessment methodologies

• Orientation programme for graduate students towards teaching excellence

Consultation & Observation

All faculty members at SNS Institutions are invited to consult with CLT individually about their teaching. Consultations can focus on any aspects of interest to the faculty member from designing a session plan to leading a class, from specific questions to broad support for development. For faculty members seeking more individual support or who have specific questions, CLT provides individual consultations.
CLT Experts can also observe instructors in the classroom. After the observation, the CLT observer will meet with the faculty members to discuss the class and ways of achieving the teacher’s teaching goals. Observed class sessions can also be recorded, if the instructor wishes to review his or her own class.

Training Programme

The CLT offers professional development programs and events to connect SNS Institutions faculty members and graduate students to effective teaching approaches, resources, and educational tools and technologies.

Faculty Programmes

The Center offers a wide range of discussions and workshops in which faculty members can discuss particular teaching issues with colleagues and CLT team. Often faculty-led, these conversations facilitate faculty benefitting from their peer’s experience. To meet faculty member’s needs, many programs on specific sessions can be developed on request.

Faculty Development Programme

The SNS Institutions Center for Learning and Teaching (CLT) welcomes new faculty. At the starting of each semester, the CLT provides a Faculty Development Programme for seven days on new learning and teaching methodology. This programme provide an opportunity

• To get familiar with instructional resources on campus

• To learn SNS cultures and methods for getting a SNS Institution class off to a good start

• To connect with colleagues as well as teaching staff at the CLT

• To explore topics such as preparing to teach, active learning, syllabus design, and teaching and learning with technology


The CLT leads teaching workshops and discussions regularly and upon request also. For interested Institution or departments at SNS group, CLT provides workshops on a wide range of teaching topics, from session plan to classroom strategies for professional development. CLT can also facilitate discussions of teaching within a program more generally, including conversations on session plan design and implementation, and sessions addressing particular teaching challenges. In all cases, CLT works with the requestor to develop a program that meets the group’s needs.

The CLT offers the various workshops on the following topics but not limited to the following.

• Promoting Academic Integrity

• Defining Your Course Goals

• Essentials for Teaching and Learning

• Developing your Teaching Philosophy

• Learning and Teaching with Technology

• Case Study Method

• Collaborative Learning

• Student Engagement Techniques

• Active Learning with interactive classrooms

• Making Use of Class Time in effectively

• Assignments: What Do You Want Students to Do?

• Grading, Rubrics and Feedback

• Improving Your Teaching with Student Evaluations

Graduate Student Programmes

The Center for Learning and Teaching provides a broad range of programmes for graduate students that can help them develop as teachers and succeed as faculty members and prepare them for the job market and for being faculty in the future. Graduate students can participate in any one workshop or they may want to get more involved by taking part in structured orientation programs, such as the CLT orientation programme on Teaching fellowship. For graduate students seeking individual assistance, CLT also provides one-on-one consultations.

The CLT orientation programme covers the following topic and not limited to this.

• Preparing to Teach – Get ready to facilitate student learning by planning for the start of your class and reflecting on your teaching practices

• Practicing Bloom’s Taxonomy – Learn an important technique to establish a pedagogical interchange so that teachers and students alike understand the purpose of that interchange

• Active Learning and Interactive Classrooms – Explore strategies and approaches to promote student engagement in lecture, discussion, and lab.

• Microteaching – Present the class as per orientation and strategies and improve your teaching style based on constructive feedback by experts individually

• Grading, Rubrics and Feedback – Learn evidence-based practices for designing assessments, communicating expectations, and providing feedback on student learning

• Beyond the Classroom – Learn the strategies and approaches to solve the problem faced beyond the classroom