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About us
The centre for learning is committed to providing educational opportunities for our diverse student body, in particular those from rural and regional communities. We aim to deliver inspirational teaching, innovative research and high quality and dynamic learning experiences to equip our students to be tomorrow's leaders, to live a life they value and be effective global citizens.

CLT aims to support faculty in developing their teaching skills and implementing educational technologies through Academic Practice (Support for teaching staff), Academic Skills (Support for students), and assisting them to create Digital Resources. It also offers, through its Learning Initiatives, opportunities for curricular experimentation and pedagogic innovation as also platforms for integrating learner-centric technological solutions in higher education.

The SNS Center for Learning and Teaching (CLT) is dedicated to inspire and support best practices in learning and teaching that promote engaged, effective, student centered and life-long learning to provide quality education.


• To lead and inspire innovative teaching that promotes meaningful learning and student success

• To build a Powerful Learning and Teaching Environment/Experience

• To advance and translate the scholarship of teaching and learning both inside and outside the classroom

• To cultivate life-long learning for current and future faculty at all career stages


• To establish a strong system for teaching methods & procedures, train teachers & practice it vigorously

• To collaborate with foreign universities for innovative learning and teaching methodology

• To recognize outstanding teachers by providing certificates from the year of 2018

• To facilitate an International meet to promote innovative learning and teaching methodology in association with IEEE Education Society in the year of 2019


• Continuous learning, service, innovation, integrity, and collaboration

• Respect everyone who plays a significant role in achieving student success

• Commitment to constant reflection, exploration, and the creation of collaborative, interactive, and dynamic spaces where faculty learn from each other and grow as teachers


• Encourage collaboration and goodwill among faculty and staff to foster ongoing contribution to the college community

• Provide pedagogical and technical consultancy services to faculty community in support of teaching and learning excellence

• Support effective and efficient methods of assessment, aimed at improving the practice of learning in the moment, in a course, in programs, and across the curriculum.

• Provide a structured program for one-on-one consultations and classroom teaching observations as a way of delivering formative feedback for faculty and providing mentoring relationships with early-career faculty.

• Promote problem/project-based learning and teaching practices and support the scholarship of teaching and learning.

• Transform student learning experiences by providing professional development opportunities for faculty and graduate teaching assistants.


1. Learning and Teaching Policy

2. Classroom Monitoring & Observation Policy

3. Assessment Policy

4. Recruitment Policy