Not just engineers, we deliver entrepreneurs! Nurturing the creative minds to bring their ideas and imaginations into life, by providing them with appropriate seeds of mechanism through design thinking.

Valienz SNS Product Design Studio

The Centre for Creativity and Department of Mechanical Engineering jointly promoted a novel initiative “Company on Campus” to foster new product development. The joint venture V- Alienz SNS Product Design Studio was inaugurated with great fanfare on 14−09−18.

FUTURA- SNS Student Start Up Accelerator

EDC cell of SNSCE has inaugurated the FUTURA- SNS Student Start Up Accelerator on 22nd February 2019. The resource person for the event was Dr.V.P.ArunachalamDirector, SNS Technical Institutions.

FUTURA- SNS Student Start Up Accelerator-First Preneur Award 2019

EDC cell of SNSCE has organized “First Preneur Award 2019” on 7.3.2019 during “FUTURA SNS Student Startup Accelerator”. The resource person for the event was Dr.V.P.ArunachalamDirector, SNS Technical Institutions.

FUTURA- SNS Student Start Up Accelerator-MECHNIDO –First Business

EDC cell of SNSCE has organized “MECHNIDO –First Business” on 01.03.2019. The total beneficiaries were 07.


Product development, also called new product management, is a series of steps that includes the conceptualization, design, development and marketing of newly created or newly rebranded goods or services.

ALEXA controlled lamps

In recent years, to maximize efficiency, comfort, and safety, home automation came into existence. With the introduction of Internet of Things (IoT), the control of any devices from anywhere is made possible. In this regard, Amazon Alexa based lamp control is proposed for installing in the board room.

Monitoring system using Accelerometer

In the era of industrial generation factories and production facilities laced with networking sensors for some physical parameters will lead to higher throughout, more prominent proficiency, decreased downtime, and better understanding into tasks which can all be utilized to take performance to the next level.


The project consists of a small vibrating box which will be connected via blue tooth with our cell phone. The box contains a vibrating motor, a blue tooth chip and a power supply. To Connect the vibrator and the cell phone an app is developed and loaded onto the cell phone. Right now it looks

little bigger to carry but in a month or two we will develop a miniature vibrator which could be wearable in our wrist or hip or in the neck.

Hot water Level indicator

This product is a about a fully functional hot water level, temperature controller with power monitor and load auto cut off using Arduino pro mini. The product displays the level and temperature of hot water in the food serving tank and switch off the load when water level goes to below level.The circuit automatically switches the heater OFF when the temperature is high. The water level and other important data are displayed on a OLED display.

ISRO - Student Satellite

Student Satellite (STUDSAT) is the first pico-satellite developed in the country by a consortium of seven engineering colleges from Karnataka and Andhra Pradesh.STUDSAT weighing less than 1 kg, has the primary objective of promoting space technology in educational institutions and encourage research and development in miniaturized satellites, establishing a communication link between the satellite and ground station, capturing the image of earth with a resolution of 90 meters and transmitting the payload and telemetry data to the earth station.